Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Can't live in India,
But Can't miss My India,

Because I am in love with my country, which had the origin of so many good things.

Its been corrupted and looted for centuries by kings, foreigners and our own politicians.
Since then we got the attitude of blaming each other for simply everything.

But at this time I would like you all remember what a great people are our ancestors who traveled across the boundaries, who taught the whole world about medicine, yoga, philosophy and trading.

Lets not forget our roots and our freedom fighters, though we don't remember them all the times at least today will salute them for their scarifies.

Lets fight back with our own people who can be teachers, schools, colleges, traders, government staffs, politicians and even someone who does not follow the simple traffic rules and fix them. 

Will start our second freedom fight to get a corruption free country.

"Happy Independence Day" to all my fellow Indians.